Oregon Folklife Network

Daniela Mahoney

2012-2013 TAAP AWARDEE

Traditional skill/art/craft: Czech and Slovakian Egg Decorating

Ethnic Background: Czech

Apprentice: Teresa O’Donnell

Contact Information

Phone: (day) 503-804-0390, (evening) 503-774-5686

E-mail: danielam@mail.com

Website: www.danielam.com

Describe your traditional skill/craft/art, when and why it is done, and your history with it.

Czech and Slovak egg decorating is associated with celebration of Spring and new life. This craft was also connected to Pagan beliefs and later to Christianity and Christ’s resurrection. I have been decorating eggs since 1983 and learned different techniques of the craft.

How and from whom was the tradition learned?

I have originally learned how to decorate eggs with my grandma in the Czech Republic during Easter.

Why is this cultural tradition important to your community?

The rich egg decorating history offers a unique opportunity to learn about a traditional craft in the context of daily lives and beliefs of our ancestors. The egg symbolizes a new life and appreciation for life in general. The craft connects us to values and customs of the past stimulates our curiosity to research our own ancestral roots. People get inspired to preserve not only their only culture, but to embrace other cultures.

How, when, why did you come to Oregon:

I came to Oregon in 1982 to join my fiancé at that time and we got married in 1983.

Artist Biography

Birthplace: Prague, Czech Republic

Birthdate: 4/23/56

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1989-Epcot Center (Walt Disney World) demo

2011-Ellis Island (New York) demo

2012-Czech and Slovak Museum (Iowa) demo

2008, 2009, 2011- Czech and Slovak Genealogy Society Intl.—lectures and demos

1987- present- Made in Oregon—in store demos