Oregon Folklife Network


Culture Fest

Culture Fest generally follows 2 years after OFN’s regional survey, and creates paid opportunities to traditional artists, diversity in programming to community organizations, and deeper connections for OFN to allied folks around the state. Successful projects have varied widely, and include but are not limited to festivals, music/dance performances, educational demonstrations, community events, craft events, and public talks.

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (TAAP)

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (TAAP) supports master artists as they share their traditional knowledge and skills with apprentices from the same cultural group.

The Statewide Folklife Survey

The Statewide Folklife Survey is an ongoing survey of Oregon to identify and document culture keepers around the state. Each year, OFN moves to a different region to discover the unique cultures and individuals that make Oregon what it is. Our research results in additions to the Oregon Culture Keepers Roster, public programs, TAAP and more. This work is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, Folk and Traditional Arts Program with further support from OFN's Operational Partners.

Oregon Legends & Lore® Marker Program

The Oregon Folklife Network has partnered with the William G. Pomeroy Foundation® on their Legends & Lore® Marker Program. Established by the Pomeroy Foundation in 2015, Legends & Lore promotes cultural heritage by placing markers at sites associated with local traditional culture (for example: folklore, customs, legends, beliefs, traditional art, music and dance) in communities across the United States. Stories from Oregon’s rich folklife heritage will be featured on roadside markers at sites across the state thanks to a partnership between OFN and the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

Telling Our Stories, Online Toolkit

Telling Our Stories is a fun, interactive online website that provides a toolkit for community self-documentation.

Fee for Service

OFN offers a variety of direct services or hands-on trainings to Tribes and communities. Services range from videography of your event to recording oral histories of family members. Trainings can be scaled for professional development or for novices ranging in age from youth groups to elders. Our staff are equally able to provide a deep dive into one skill area (like photography, audio recording, or archiving) or a general overview of best practices for projects (like conducting oral histories, building your artist portfolio, or crosscultural partnering). Examples include, but are not limited to our week-long Fieldschool, our half-day Workshops, our project-long Collaborations, and our online Toolkit.