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Culture Fest

Funders: National Endowment for the Arts; Oregon Arts Commission; University of Oregon

As a follow-up to our Statewide Folklife Survey, Oregon Folklife Network offers up to $3000 to organizations to collaborate with us by featuring and paying traditional artists who are on, or will soon be added to, our ever-expanding Oregon Culture Keepers Roster. Culture Fest generally follows 2 years after OFN’s regional survey, and creates paid opportunities to traditional artists, diversity in programming to community organizations, and deeper connections for OFN to allied folks around the state. Successful projects have varied widely, and include but are not limited to festivals, music/dance performances, educational demonstrations, community events, craft events, and public talks. Please contact us with your proposal. Reference our Survey page and add two years to see when Culture Fest will be in your area.

2019: Portland Area

Andisheh Center for Iranian Cultural Heritage (Multnomah): presented an afternoon of traditional art, music, and dance workshops featuring local Iranian artists, as well as three Persian artists new to our roster.

Hmong American Community of Oregon (Multnomah): presented the 5th Annual New Year in the Park, with traditional dance, foodways demonstrations, craft and food vendors, a fashion show, and processions.

McMinnville Public Library (Yamhill): presented Latino and other traditional artists for El Día de los Niños Fiesta, including three rostered OFN artists sharing music, henna, piñatas, and sugar skulls.

2019: Eastern Oregon

Crossroads Carnegie Art Center (Baker): hosted "Barrel and Vessel: The Art of Aging Wine," featuring rostered cooper (traditional barrel maker), Rick DeFerrari, in conjunction with a winery tour.

Four Rivers Cultural Center (Malheur): presented the 2nd Annual Tradition Keepers Folklife Festival, with cowboy poetry, silversmithing, Paiute basketry and Pow Wow dancing, Japanese Taiko drumming, and much more.

Art Center East (Union): presented two rostered artists: a Farmers Market performance and master class in Guinean drumming, and wool spinning storytime and demonstration.

2018: Eastern Oregon

Art Center East (Union County): presented Culture Keepers Mark Ross (Old Time Banjo/Fiddle Music) and other traditions connected with the heritage and history of Northeast Oregon.

Janet Komoto and Kawa Taiko, Community Performance and Workshop, Max Square (June 21, 2018)

Traditional Mexican Ballet Folklorico Dancing and Workshop with Kenya Marquez, Max Square (August 19, 2018)

Crossroads Carnegie Arts Center (Baker County): hosted four folk artists for programming during their exhibition of textiles from the Weaver's Guild of Oregon "Color Gone Wild."

Carol Etchemendy demonstrates spinning wool for over 250 walk-throughs during First Friday.
Greggorio Cartaberria demonstrates sheepshearing.
Sara Barton demonstrates Paiute Willow Basket Weaving and Cradle Boards.
Sandra Van Liew demonstrates spinning, fleece prep, and knitting.

High Desert Museum (Deschutes County): hosted five culture keepers for a Traditional Arts Day at their Miller Family Ranch.

Pat Horlacher shows the traditional silversmithing that he produces for working cowboys.
D.W. Frommer demonstrates how he makes boots by hand.
Buckaroo and traditional saddle maker, Steve McKay, demonstrates tooling leather.

2017: Gorge Counties

Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indians: Tamastslikt featured Fred Hill and Thomas Morning Owl (May 31, 2017)

Pawiyálst'aksha Wayámna, Memorializing the Death of the Sound of the Falls, a public program dedicated to share memories of Celilo Falls through stories and song.
Ceremonial circle at the event. "The impact of the falls being covered has continued to emotionally effect many who still cannot talk about life at Celilo without tears in their eyes."

Hood River: Radio Tierra featured two traditional performing groups (July 3-4, 2017)

Los Temerosos de Juan Antonio (a group of nine) and Los Amigos de la Sierra (a group of four) performed before a live audience of approximately 200 people, plus one live and two rebroadcast radio audiences of 6,000.

Los Temerosos de Juan Antonio performance

Juan Antonio Martínez receives community award; final song

Los Amigos de la Sierra performance

Wasco County: Columbia Gorge Discovery Center hosted eight traditional artists at events between (April 16 – June 18, 2017)

Taaw-Lee-Winch, known as "Tule Man," demonstrates the art of sewing tule mats, Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. Photo courtesy of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.
"Iksiks Washanahl'a," or, "Little Swans" dancers perform April 1, 2017 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. The group's leader, Mary Lee Jones, said, "Our daughters are our dancers and the mothers and grandmothers sing. Each dance from the Plateau area of Indian country tells a story that has been carried down for generations." Photo courtesy of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.
Sean McConville (right) serves grilled salmon to visitors while his wife Brigette looks on, Sunday, June 18, 2017 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. Photo courtesy of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.
Roberta Kirk demonstrates traditional beadwork for museum visitors, Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. Photo courtesy of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.

2016: Southern Oregon

Malheur County: Four Rivers Cultural Center featured Janet Komoto

Taiko drum performance at Annual Veteran’s Day Parade (Nov 11, 2015)
Free workshop at the Four Rivers Cultural Center (Jan 16, 2016)

Harney County: Harney County Cultural Coalition Opportunity Team enhanced the annual John Scharff Migratory Bird Festival with a Tradition Keepers Showcase with 13 regional folk artists.

Folk Arts Market and Demonstrations at Annual Migratory Bird Festival (Pat Horlacher, silversmith pictured right; Douglas Manger, folklorist pictured left)
Dean Adams (Burns Paiute; Jemez Pueblo), Native silversmith and basket maker (front left).

Lake County: PLAYA featured 3 Cowboy Poets in new 2-hour program and reception

John Stephens performs at PLAYA Presents: Cowboy Poetry, Music & Open Studios