Oregon Folklife Network

Hooks, Yarns, & Bars

HOOKS, YARNS, & BARS is an exhibit that focuses on Crochet 4 Community, a group of inmates within the Oregon State Correctional Institute (OSCI) in Salem, Oregon that donate crocheted items to local community and global charitable causes. The show highlights their crocheted items, other works of art, pictures within OSCI and interviews describing how being a part of Crochet 4 Community has had a positive impact on these individuals lives.

The exhibit was produced by the Oregon Folklife Network in collaboration with the University of Oregon’s Center for Intercultural Dialog and Folklore Program. The exhibit is a culmination of work from a team of staff, students, and faculty that have documented and are still performing research at OSCI.

Coming soon: the official website for “Hooks, Yarns, & Bars,” a fieldwork project undertaken by The Oregon Folklife Network and the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (both at the University of Oregon) to document the work of The Crochet Club and the Hobby Arts Shop at the Oregon State Correctional Institute. This site serves as a digital companion piece to the “Hooks, Yarns, & Bars” traveling exhibit that continues to tour the Pacific Northwest.