Oregon Folklife Network

OFN Partners

The Oregon Folklife Network (OFN) is a network of statewide culture and heritage partners who operate on state, regional, county, and community levels. Operational Partners* provide the OFN with the cash support necessary to our basic operations as well as advice, promotional support, and contacts throughout the state. In turn, OFN provides assistance and program support for partners, both Operational (cash support) and otherwise.

Oregon Arts Commission*

The Oregon Arts Commission awards grants to Oregon artists and art organizations to ensure wide access to the arts across the state. The organization also coordinates the selection of public art for state facilities and state campuses and develops Arts Learning programs for public schools.

Oregon Cultural Trust*

With the goal of creating a $200 million fund to provide long-term support for the arts and humanities in Oregon, the Oregon Cultural Trust awards grants to county and tribal groups and arts agencies that are actively promoting cultural participation.

Oregon Heritage Commission

This governor-appointed commission connects hundreds of organizations and thousands of Oregonians devoted to preserving and interpreting Oregon’s heritage resources. The Oregon Heritage Commission programs include Museum grant programs, technical assistance for heritage organizations, and an annual conference.  The Oregon Heritage Commission also maintains the Oregon Historical Sites Database.

Oregon Historical Society*

The Oregon Historical Society presents exhibits on Oregon history and culture, publishes books, articles, and other resources, and develops educational resources for schools, including online resources and folklife cultural programs.

Oregon Humanities

In addition to offering grants to non-profits that are developing community-level programs, Oregon Humanities offers free college level humanities courses for adults with financial barriers, provides teachers with valuable training, and publishes the highly-recorded magazine “Oregon Humanities.”

Oregon State Library

The Oregon State Library's mission is to provide quality information services to Oregon state government; provide reading materials to blind and print-disabled Oregonians; and to provide leadership, grants, and other assistance to improve local library service for all Oregonians.

Executive Advisory Council

This committee is comprised of representatives from four collaborating University of Oregon units that directly support OFN operations at UO.

Sandra Gladney is the Executive Director of Academic Extension, which provides OFN's administrative home.

Andrew Bonamici is Associate Dean for Media & Digital Strategies at UO Libraries and coordinates resources and partnerships between OFN and University Libraries.

John Fenn is faculty in the Arts Administration Program and coordinates resources and partnerships with both Arts Administration and the College of Architecture and Allied Arts.

Lisa Gilman is the director of Graduate Studies for the Folklore Program and coordinates resources and partnerships with both Folklore and the College of Arts and Sciences.