Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program supports the sharing of traditional arts between a mentor and an apprentice. These traditional arts are defined as those artistic practices that have a community base and express that community’s heritage. This includes such communities as ethnic, tribal, occupational, regional and religious groups. The skills are usually learned informally and passed on from one generation to the next by observation and imitation. Among the many traditional folk arts of Oregon are: Southeast Asian dance, Mexican-American embroidery, Americana fiddling, African-American gospel singing, saddle making and rawhide braiding for working cowboys, Native American basket weaving, and Northwest logger poetry. Support for the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Mentors and apprentices propose a plan and apply together, as a team. If you are interested in applying to the TAAP Program, please read the following informational packet and fill out a free application:

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program Application

TAAP Artist Pages

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