The Oregon Folklife Network hosts graduate student interns from the Folklore Program and the Arts and Administration Program. Students secure professional experience in fieldwork, non-profit management, public agencies networking and communications, and for-profit enterprising. Students choose a faculty supervisor from Folklore, AAD, or the Library, and placements may be local, working in the OFN office; or regional, conducting fieldwork alongside professional folklorists. By providing experiences that demonstrate current programming goals, the mission of the OFN, and the strengths and interests of graduate students, internship placements benefit interns, the organization, and Oregonians.

While learning abut the rich traditional arts and cultures in Oregon, interns and practicum students have opportunities to develop skills in the following areas:

  • web design
  • archiving, preservation, and documentation
  • film and new media
  • exhibit design
  • program development
  • non-profit management
  • social networking and community outreach
  • brand management
  • folk arts education

Winter 2013 Practicum Students:

Brent Hanifl, Website & Social Media Planning
Maya Muñoz-Tobón, Rural Arts & Culture Map
Evelyn Thorne, Rural Arts & Culture Map

Spring 2011: Public Folklore & Cultural Programming


Professor John Fenn (bottom right) — AAD 510 “Public Folklore and Cultural Programs”– stands with his students, many of whom completed their course projects by working with OFN.


If you are interested in an internship or practicum opportunity, email:

Oregon Folklife Network (OFN)
242 Knight Library
6204 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-6204