Daniela Mahoney

Address: 7109 SE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97206
County: Multnomah
Phone: (day) 503-804-0390, (evening) 503-774-5686
Email: danielam@mail.com
Website: www.danielam.com
Birthplace: Prague, Czech Republic

Birthdate: 4/23/56
Ethnic Background: Czech

Describe traditional skill/craft/art, when & why it is done, and your history with it:

Czech and Slovak egg decorating is associated with celebration of Spring and new life.  This craft was also connected to Pagan beliefs and later to Christianity and Christ’s resurrection.  I have been decorating eggs since 1983 and learned different techniques of the craft.

How and from whom was the tradition learned:

I have originally learned how to decorate eggs with my grandma in the Czech Republic during Easter.

How, when, why did you come to Oregon:

I came to Oregon in 1982 to join my Fiancé at that time and we got married in 1983.

Any other biographical information (awards, honors, presentations, etc.):

1989-Epcot Center (Walt Disney World) demo
2011-Ellis Island (New York) demo
2012-Czech and Slovak Museum (Iowa) demo
2008, 2009, 2011- Czech and Slovak Genealogy Society Intl.—lectures and demos
1987- present- Made in Oregon—in store demos

For more information see website (www.danielam.com) and go to “Meet the Artist”

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