Grants from Oregon Agencies


Access Reimbursement Grants Access Reimbursement Grants will help offset the expenditures of specific access expenses incurred by Oregon’s nonprofit arts organizations, to ensure public access to all individuals who want to participate in an activity of the organization.

Art Acquisition Funding
The Ford Family Foundation’s Art Acquisition Fund, managed by the Oregon Arts Commission, will provide resources to Oregon’s visual art institutions and public visual arts collections.

Arts Build Communities Grants
Arts Build Communities grants recognize and support both the arts in local communities and the involvement of the arts and artists in community development. The program targets underserved communities.

Arts Learning Grants
Grants for Arts Learning support teaching and learning in and about the arts in K-12 schools and communities.

Arts Recognition Grants
Arts Recognition grants are $1,000 awards that recognize to exemplary arts organizations that have a record of excellence in programming, service and organizational capacity, but have not received other Arts Commission funding.

Arts Services Grants Arts Services grants provide operating support to local and regional art councils, or other arts organizations that offer regular, ongoing arts services to a broad audience.

Capacity Building Grants
Capacity Building Grants will support activities that strengthen an organization and help it better achieve its mission. These activities can occur in every aspect of an organization, including programs, operations, technology, finance, marketing, audiences and leadership. (Application not open yet)

Cultural Tourism Grants
Cultural Tourism Grants support projects and partnerships in Oregon that positively impact arts-based cultural tourism activities.

Oregon Cultural Trust/Oregon Cultural Coalitions

·       Cultural Development grants

·       Cultural Participation grants

·       Cultural Partner grants

These grants are made possible entirely by Oregonians’ donations to the Cultural Trust.

Oregon Heritage Commission

Connecting hundreds of organizations across Oregon in an effort to preserve and interpret Oregon’s rich heritage resources, the OHC also funds numerous programs and gives out annual heritage excellence awards. The OHC is a recipient of funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust and is made up of nine commissioners appointed by the governor. The Oregon Historical Sites Database, maintained by the OHC, is an interactive map of historical sites in Oregon:

Grant Planning & Admin.

CLG Grant Prog.

Heritage Grant Prog.

Historic Cemetery Grant Prog.

Museum Grant Prog.

Preserving OR/Diamonds Grant

Oregon Humanities 

Oregon Humanities funds numerous programs and publications, such as the highly regarded magazine “Oregon Humanities.” A partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon Humanities is devoted to connecting Oregonians “to ideas that change lives and transform communities.” Oregon Humanities also funds training programs for teachers, offers free college level programs for adults with financial difficulty, and awards grants to non-profits.

Public Program Grants
Once a year, Oregon Humanities’ volunteer board of directors awards Public Program Grants between $1,000 and $10,000 to nonprofit organizations across Oregon’s thirty-six counties to support programs that make use of one or more of the disciplines of the humanities to connect Oregonians with timely and relevant ideas and insights that shape our daily lives.