Strategic Plan

Oregon Folklife Network Strategic Plan, FY13-15

The OFN’s first Strategic Plan, (prepared by Bill Flood and commissioned by the Oregon Arts Commission) lays out the Network concept, which brought the Oregon Folklife Network to the University of Oregon to serve as the state’s official Folk & Traditional Arts Program. Born in 2010 after the conclusion of the Oregon Folklife Program in 2009, the OFN is a collaboration of diverse stakeholders who are passionate about celebrating Oregon’s kaleidoscope of traditional art forms and cultural practices and empowering its tradition bearers.  The OFN builds on the mission of the former OFP by providing wide access to folk arts and their intrinsic and extrinsic benefits through investing in traditional artists and cultures and advancing accessible learning opportunities for all Oregonians. This is accomplished by delivering technical assistance to folk artists as well as to organizations and communities interested in folk arts and artists; creating new opportunities for folk artists to present their works to the public; developing and implementing high quality folk arts programming; educating the public about the wealth and value of Oregon’s folk arts and cultural heritage; and preparing the next generation of public folklorists.


Oregon Folklife Network (OFN)
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